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Digitise your paper documents fast and securely making them available to you when and where you need them the most. Arguably the best document scanner with text extraction software available for your Android device today.

  • Works with your phones camera and your existing images in your gallery.
  • Extract text from multiple images in the background whilst you carry on using your phone.
  • Uses corporate quality optical character recognition (OCR) software normally only available to large corporate companies.
  • Use extracted text with other apps like Google Translate to do amazing things.

  • Capture your documents and extract the text.

    Use our camera, your phones native camera or an existing image in your gallery. Extract the text from the image using corporate quality optical character recognition (OCR) software on our dedicated secured servers. Extraction usually takes under 30seconds, if not much quicker with WiFi or 3G/4G. The processing happens in the background, off your phone, so you are free to use your handset for other things whilst we do the hard-work for you.

  • Share with your other apps, such as Google Translate.

    Scanthing is fully discoverable app that works in conjunction with other apps on your handset. For example, impress your friends with you language skills in a restaurant. You can take a picture of a menu in Danish, extract the text and convert it to English using the free Google Translation App. See how to do this here Scanthing supports text extraction in 33 languages, if we do not support yours just let us know.

  • Find your document fast by searching with keywords.

    Find information from your document instantly by searching on the Google Search Toolbar on your phone or our own search interface. Just type a few keywords from your document and we will show you all matching documents that contain that text. Seeing is believing, so check it out for yourself here

  • Your information, when you want it wherever you are.

    The dashboard view shows you all your documents stored within Scanthing with thumbnails. You can sort by time or create and associate tags with your documents. Its incredibly easy to do and a very quick way to find something when your out and about and in a rush.

  1. Why would I use Scanthing?
  2. How secure is Scanthing?
  3. How much is it and can I trial it first for free?
  4. Do you have any short videos showing Scanthing in action?
  5. How does text extraction work exactly?
  6. What languages does Scanthing support
  7. My text extraction quality is not as good as I expect, what can i do?
  8. Can Scanthing read my handwriting?
  9. Can I translate text with Scanthing?
  10. Can I access my scanned documents on my computer or another Internet device??
  11. What other apps does Scanthing work with on my phone?
  12. Does Scanthing work with
  13. How can I get support?
  14. I have a suggestion for a new feature, can I tell you about it?
  15. Is their an iPhone Scanthing App?
  16. Will Scanthing work on my Android Tablet?
  17. I keep getting 'licence' errors when trying to extract text, what can I do?
  18. What OCR engine do you use?

Why would I use Scanthing?
Imagine being able open a letter, scan it with your mobile phone using the camera and have it converted to text within seconds. You can store that document on your phone, tag it for quick reference, retrieve it instantly just by entering in a few keywords and share it. Scanthing, a new mobile and tablet app allows you to do just this.

How does text extraction work?
The text extraction process is done on our servers using corporate quality optical character recognition (OCR) software. Our internal tests have shown that at the time of writing we are one of the best (if not the best) OCR app available for the Android Marketplace. The process behind OCR is complicated, you can learn more here (link to

How many languages does Scanthing support?
Scanthing has full dictionary support for 33 languages with more to come. If we do not support yours just let us know.

How secure is Scanthing?
Very. The communication from your phone to our servers is done via secure HTTP (HTTPS). Once we process you document on our severs and return the text to your handset we delete all records of your document. Your document, both image and extracted text, only reside on your handset.

How much is it and can I trial it first for free?
The application is $5. This includes and unlimited number of text extraction scans. There is no trial. However, if you are unhappy with your purchase please contact us first before leaving a negative review so we can look to rectify the situation

Do you have any short videos showing Scanthing in action?
Absolutely, check out this video for a basic overview and this one to impress your friends in a foreign restaurant!

My text extraction quality is not as good as I expect, what can i do?
Heres our top tips for getting the best results using Scanthing. - Make sure there is a good amount of light in the room, if not you can try using your flash but this may have mixed quality. - Crop the image to select just the text, get rid of everything else such as pictures as this creates noise that can not be processed. - Keep a steady hand to get the best quality focus on your image, our software does some work behind the scenes to help you out where it can. - If your still having problems are you using the right language? Remember if you chance the language setting it remains your default language. - You can also try using your phones native camera instead of our camera, this can have mixed results as we cant test every single android device in the world, however, with newer phones like the Samsung Galaxy SII the native camera works well.

Can Scanthing read my handwriting?
Probably not. If you somehow write like a typeface then perhaps it could but its unlikely.

Can I translate text with Scanthing?
Yes. Change the default language (in Settings). Extract the text then click on the share icon and share with Google Translate (free app from Goolge available on the marketplace). Remember to change the language setting back to your normal one after your done.

Can I access my scanned documents on my computer or another Internet device?
This is part of our long term vision. Your documents will be searchable on your phone, tablet device, laptop or PC in fact anything that has a browser and Internet connection.

What other apps does Scanthing work with on my phone?
Scanthing is fully discoverable, this means that you are able to share the extracted text and the image with other applications such as Dropbox, Google Translate, Evernote and many more applications. Using the extracted text, for example, with Goolge Translate gives you very powerful combined translation tool to use on the go.

Does Scanthing work with
Nope, but yes we agree with you it should! Please reach out to us if you want to be able to search your scanned documents via Greplin.

How can I get support?
Please use the Contact form and we will endeavour to get back to you within 4 hours on a business day. If you are not getting the text extraction quality you expect then please send us the image you are trying to OCR to (you can do this in the app itself by using the Share icon and selecting ‘Share Image’ and choosing Gmail)

I have a suggestion for a new feature, can I tell you about it?
Absolutely, please use the Contact form explaining your great idea.

Is their an iPhone Scanthing App?
Not yet, but if you think there should be please let us know via the Contact form.

Will Scanthing work on my Android Tablet?
There are hundreds of Android devices in this list grows every month. We are unable to test our app on every single device but we know it works on all flavours of Android 2.2 and above on the most popular phone and tablet devices. If the app is not working for your particular device then please do let us know asap and we will try to sort it out as quickly as we can.

I keep getting 'licence' errors when trying to extract text, what can I do?
This is a rare but known issue that results when Google has intermittent issues with the marketplace, it normally resolves itself in a few minutes if not less. If you are having frequent licence errors then please contact us using the Contact form.

What OCR engine do you use?
Scanthing uses a proprietary pre-processing algorithm, however, the OCR is then done by OCR-IT You can find out more about Scanthing and OCR-IT here
Why re-invent the wheel? We know there are a lot large and small organisations including start-ups that require powerful, reliable and highly accurate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) services to service themselves or their clients.

We are able to provide our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Image Pre-processing functionality used in Scanthing for use in your own application as a service called 'OCR Cloud'. You send us us the image and we do the hard work for you so you can focus on what to do with the extracted text.

Our pre-processing algorithms are optimised to work well with digital pictures taken from mobile devices at varying levels of quality and we can provide custom tweaks to suit your exact needs.

Our costs are extremely competitive and less than you might think, please contact us to learn more.

Possible Reasons For Needing OCR Cloud?
Enterprise Outsourcing - extract all the data value from paper documents and automate document conversion without technology risks and infrastructure investment. Immediately unlock valuable data from images and convert them to searchable and easily accessible documents.
Volume Overflow Protection for In-house OCR - your in-house OCR can't handle peak volumes? Conversion accuracy needs improvement for critical projects? We can integrate OCR Cloud API with your existing system and help you cost-effectively manage volume overflow and provide the highest accuracy conversion for critical projects.
Litigation Support - with proven connectors for litigation support systems, OCR Cloud platform seamlessly integrates with popular platforms such as: Opticon, IPRO, and Summation.
Service Bureaus - focus on your customers and serve them better with OCR Cloud leaving hassle of platform maintenance, management, and enhancement to us. Deliver premium OCR services with no upfront investment.
Mobile Interface - need to scan in specific documents such as ID cards and require high quality text extraction for insertion into a database.

OCR Cloud Access

Images can be received and electronic data returned virtually any delivery media: stating what format you would like the output in and we will get back to you. It's free. No risk. No obligations. Personal and Corporate accounts with customized settings and preferences are available.
FTP. Suitable for small to medium sized packages, FTP upload and download provides convenient and efficient data workflow and automated document conversion.
REST API. One of most powerful automated ways to acess our service iis through Web-based API. This innovative capability provides software application developers with flexible powerful access to best-in-marketplace award-winning OCR on demand.
Hard drive, USB Drive, Thumb Drive, Flash Media, CD/DVD/Blu-Ray. Paper scanning services are also available on request


Auto-language detection and support for over 200 languages including:

Latin based languages
Cyrillic based languages
Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai
Auto-detection of mixed languages within same document

Input Formats


Output Formats

q JPG, TIF, PDF Image export
  Searchable PDF
    - Text under image
    - Text over image
    - PDF/A
    - PDF Compressed
    - Custom Security/Metadata/Tags  TXT (standard or Unicode)
 ODBC Compatible Databases
 Multiple output streams available

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Please note, if you are interested in us looking at a commercial project related to OCR Mobile Development our minimum engagement fee is $2,500

  • Example 1 - Text from Book

  • Example 2 - Text on dark background

  • Example 3 - Danish Restaurant Menu translated to English in under 10 seconds with Scanthing  and Google Translate